Automatic Sensor (Hands Free) Soap Dispenser ASD-4

Automatic Sensor (Hands Free) Soap Dispenser ASD-4
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Product Description

atic soap dispenser, battery powered, wall mount with full mounting hardware.
Use the Soap of your choice. ADA Compliant.

The model ASD-4 is built for Light duty applications. This model has gained wide acceptance in a variety of functions such as laboratories, clinics, executive restrooms, and residential bathrooms. The model ASD-4 has the potential of saving its own value in soap in a short period of time due to the regulated soap dispensing feature. It inhibits the spread of germs, and is conducive to a clean sterile environment. This soap dispenser has a thick metal base for wall mounting and a plastic fašade with soap level window. Unlike deck mounted automatic soap dispensers, this soap dispenser does not require any special type of soap for refill. You can use the soap of your choice. The ASD-4 is designed for environment with low to no vandal risk.

ASD-4 Spec Sheet Info (pdf file - down load here)